Also Known as Jihadi


Saturday 25.11.2017 | 15:00

hosted by Gerald Weber

Also Known as Jihadi is a possible story of a man recounted via the places he passed through,
as well as excerpts from documents: police interrogations, wire-tappings, surveillance…
Turning the camera 180 degrees to follow a path, by filming not the subject of the film but

rather what the subject saw. The clinic where he was born in Vitry, the social housing where
he lived growing up, his high school, university, work place, and then his departure for Egypt,
Turkey and finally the road to Aleppo, where he joined the al Nusra Front in 2012. A
judiciary chronicle that progressively becomes a genre film, a slow-paced thriller where the
viewer, faced with the incomprehensible, accepts feeling troubled, knowing—both intuitively
and humanly—that the incomprehensible must have its own reasons.

Artist and filmmaker Eric Baudelaire graduated from Brown university in 1994. With a
background in social sciences, he has developed a research-based artistic practice that relies
on different media – film, photography, publishing, performance and installation. The focus
of his work is the investigation of the relationship between images and events, the narrative
processes and the statute of the document, carried out through an extensive use of archival material.

R: Eric Baudelaire
FR 2017 | HD | OmeU |102′

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International Festival of Innovative Documentary Arts
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