UNDOX – 2017

| Friday / Saturday |

| 24 – 25 November 2017 |

21er Haus |
| Museum of Contemporary Art, Vienna |

| Programme |

UNDOX 2017 – dubious documentaries





UNDOX represents the birth of a globally unique international Film Festival, which is going to take place on November 24th and 25th 2017 in 21ER HAUS (Museum for Contemporary Art in Vienna). It is dedicated to the future of documentary film as an art form. In process, films with an innovative approach on the territory of production and storytelling will be acknowledged.


Therewith we are putting innovation in Austrian and international field of documentary filmmaking on a pedestal. We feel that innovative methods and structures often lack tangible platforms of representation. Their inherent aversion towards the establishment creates many obstacles in battling the selection process of festival juries, as these usually don’t put any emphasis on artistic innovation. What it means that many films selected for UNDOX haven’t been presented to large audiences before and are going to maintain their exclusive profile.


We wish to reduce the mentioned deficit of space for presentation, access to audiences and acknowledgment and therefore we are inviting anyone who feels interested to participate in creating the concept. We appreciate all suggestions and would be happy to hear what you consider to be innovative. Please contact us.


“Innovation” is essentially impossible to define until someone has put it into a materialized concept of creation. Documentary film is naturally meant to carry an innovative content in terms of introducing an unattended path to interpreting reality. Unlike most documentary film festivals, which focus mainly on content, we choose to explore innovation in contemporary documentary filmmaking. This includes editing and the complete process of postproduction. For that reason, also the storytelling and everything that might represent “documentary language” is considered extremely important: including all sorts of likely and unlikely documentary constructions used to make reality more tangible for us. In relation to documentary praxis, we can state that an innovative moment dies after being incorporated into a standardized structure. That’s why innovation goes through a certain half-length waiting period, in relation to ever changing conventions and techniques. The innovative element triggers off a historical process and what makes it exciting is being able to witness its success. If it manages to establish itself is an inquiry of not lesser importance that deserves to be contemplated during the film presentation.


The festival is going to be held by “Dokumentarisches Labor” (Vienna Institute of Documentary Arts). Remaining founding members of the organisation team are Anna Kolkowska and Armin Kirchner. Contact us!


The festival is going to take place in the historical Blickle-cinema hall located in the 21er Haus – Museum of Contemporary Art.


International Festival of Innovative Documentary Arts
Free admission