UNDOX 2017 – Board of trustees

Cana Bilir-Meier

Cana Bilir-Meier, living and working in Vienna. Studied Art Education and Art/Digital Media at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. She works with film, digital media, video and video installation. She writes texts and worked as a teacher in schools and was invited as a guest lecturer to universities as Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Linz Art University and Weißensee Kunsthochschule. She was a grantee of the austrian sholarship „kültür gemma!“ and in 2016 she won the Birgit Jürgenssen Award for her work.

Host of:
„Estás Vendo Coisas / You are seeing things“ – Friday | 20:00
„Stand-By Office“ – Saturday | 19:30
„One Plus One Makes A Pharaoh’s Chocolate Cake“ – Saturday | 19:30

Joachim Schätz

Joachim Schätz is a film scientist and works as a science coordinator at the Ludwig Boltzman institut for history and society in Vienna. From 2006 – 2013 he was a film critic for „Falter“ newspaper and since 2014 he has worked on the programme committee at the „Duisburger Filmwoche“.

Host of:
„Rote Malam / Rote Nights“ – Friday | 21:30

Golden Pixel Cooperative

Golden Pixel Cooperative is a nomadic platform originating from Vienna. Situated on the intersection between art and moving image, its focus lies on the research of documentary configurations.
The cooperative develops formats and visions for presentation, debate, education, research and publication. Its activities aim at fostering exchange and mutual support between young artists, encouraging encounters between different public spheres as well as the developing sustainable structures of distribution and mediation.

Host of:
„24“ – Friday | 21:30

Amina Handke

Amina Handke is an artist, author and curator. She mainly works with video, photography and performative methods, also with objects, drawing and text. She is and was active in manifold artistic and cultural fields: TV, film and multimedia, theater, performance, music and youth work. Her artistic focus lies on the reflection of social norms and complex, contradictory constructions of identities and authenticity.

Host of:
„Buck Fever“ – Friday | 20:00
„René“ – Saturday | 13:00
„Looking at Others“ – Saturday | 19:30

Selma Doborac

Selma Doborac was born in 1982 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, she lives in Vienna, and is a filmmaker. Study at the University of Applied Arts (Mixed Media Strategies), and study at the Academy of Fine Arts (Art and Film) in Vienna. She has received various awards and grants, and had participated in film festivals and exhibitions nationally and internationally. Her recent essay film “Those Shocking Shaking Days” (2016, 88 minutes) was recognized and awarded internationally for several times.

Host of:
„Atlal“ – Saturday | 21:30

Georg Wasner

Georg Wasner, filmmaker and scholar, studied at Peter Kubelka´s „Klasse für Film und Kochen als Kunstgattung“ at Städelschule (Frankfurt am Main), lectures on documentary films. His last film was „Accelerando“ (2016).

Host of:
„Lettre à Mohamed / A letter to Mohamed“ – Friday | 20:00

David Kellner

Host of:
„The Clitoris“ – Friday | 20:00

Vrääth Öhner

Vrääth Öhner is a film, media and cultural scientist. From 2011 to 2017 he was a university assistant (PostDoc) at the Institute of Theater, Film and Media Studies at the University of Vienna. His research interests include the theory, aesthetics and history of (documentary) film and television as well as of media and popular culture. His most recent publication Sichtbarmachen. Politiken des Dokumentarfilms (edited with Elisabeth Büttner and Lena Stölzl, Berlin 2017) will be presented in November at the festival of German-language documentary, the Duisburger Filmwoche.

Host of:
„The Masked Monkeys“ – Friday | 21:30

Gerald Weber

Born 1965 in Vienna, Austria. He studied history, geography, philosophy and filmstudies in Vienna and Barcelona. Co-founder of „projektor – discussion forum on film, video and new media“ and co-organizer of the international symposium filmSUBJECTtheory. Since 1997 permanent staff member of sixpackfilm, international distribution & sales agency of Austrian short, docs and experimental films and videos. He is curator of numerous film programs in Austria and for film festivals, Cinematheques and other venues worldwide. Occasionally lectures, hosting of filmtalks, independent film programming and publications.

Host of:
„Also Known as Jihadi“ – Saturday | 15:00

Master Graduates of Critical Studies at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Participants: Onur Akyol,Isabel Mendoza, Costas Kekis, Maria Lisa Pichler, Tatjana Hoser, Jérémie Sarbach, Rick Reuther, Jakob Ehrlich, Soliman Lawrence

Host of:
„Bucket & Trowel / Eimer & Kelle“ – Friday | 20:00
„Strawberry or Vanilla“ – Saturday | 17:30
„Eine Kneipe auf Malle / A bar on Majorca“ – Saturday | 17:30
„Die Ruinen von Europa / The Ruins of Europe“ – Saturday | 17:30


International Festival of Innovative Documentary Arts
Free admission